Proven Techniques to Immediately Increase Productivity and Profitability

Speaker: Ted Garrison
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Duration: 90 Minutes
Product Code: 300029
Level: Intermediate
Key Take Away

Know how Lean construction can provide tools to improve your company’s efficiency, boost profitability, and create a culture and philosophy that improves productivity.


This webinar is for you, if you are

  • In a hyper-competitive marketplace and need to lower your costs
  • Frustrated with costly impacts to your bottom line that you feel helpless to control
  • Upset about wasted time that’s negatively impacting your project schedules

Well, you’re not alone! The construction industry is the only significant industry that hasn’t increased productivity during the past several decades. The Construction Industry Institute estimates that 57 percent of a project’s total costs are not required and add no value. This condition is simply unsustainable, because this crisis acts like an anchor on new projects and is robbing contractors of a fair profit for their services. The good news is crisis creates opportunities for productivity training and profitability training for those who want to learn how to fix the problems. 

The driving force behind Lean construction training is adding value by eliminating waste. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of misunderstanding about how this is accomplished. This webinar not only provides a few management tools that can immediately improve your company’s efficiency, but it will also help transform the thinking of employees. It will create a culture and philosophy that boost profitability. With today’s unprecedented pressure on construction cost, no contractor can avoid improving its efficiency if it wants to survive. 

why should you attend

Not only has the construction industry not increased productivity since the 1960’s, but its productivity has actually declined in that period. Compare this to the average increase in productivity of 200 percent for other industries. The impact of declining productivity has been declining profit margins for contractors causing many to fail. The construction industry has the highest business failure rate of any industry, except the restaurant business. 

Also, the declining value provided by construction projects has restrained capital investments. As the cost of capital investments become more and more expensive and a larger and larger cost of doing business, the negative impact has slowed the growth of the construction industry. There is a huge bent up demand that would be released if costs were reduced by eliminating waste in the construction process. For example, there is 2.5 trillion dollar backlog in infrastructure work in the U.S and that figure explodes to over 40 trillion in the worldwide market. The high cost of construction often delays many infrastructure projects which further delays the start of other construction projects. In the private sector, when a factory is too expensive to build, it costs jobs outside the construction industry and that further delays other construction projects.

However, the waste is not only impacting the industry as a whole, which eventually impacts the individual contractor, but the high costs impact every contractor on every project in the form of lower profit margins. However, those contractors that take advantage of the techniques discussed in the webinar can see their profit margins surge. One contractor that implemented the techniques in this program was able to reduce its labor costs by 30 percent. The result was despite the company’s declining volume due to the recession; his company profits were up. Therefore, the techniques discussed in this webinar can create immediate results for every contractor. So how can you afford not to attend?

Areas Covered in this Webinar

Unfortunately, too many people believe that the primary cause for low productivity in the construction industry is the poor performance of the workers. That conclusion is simply not true, and the webinar starts by explaining why. To eliminate waste, it’s essential that people understand what waste is and where it comes from. The problem is the industry has been exposed to much of the waste for so long that no one even considers it waste – it is just the way things are done. Therefore, the webinar explains what waste is, how to spot it, so that it can be removed.

The lack of reliability is potentially the biggest cause of poor productivity. For one thing, if you don’t know when people will do their job or deliver their product, you can’t plan the project. Unfortunately, virtually no one measures reliability. However, when people begin to address reliability they see immediate improvement in productivity. Therefore, the webinar explains what is meant by reliability, how to measure it, and how to improve productivity by improving reliability on the project. Further, an important benefit of tracking reliability is it helps identify reoccurring problems. As the 80-20 rule indicates, 80 percent of the delays are caused by only 20 percent of that causes for delay. Therefore, if we can identify the 20 percent of items causing delay and eliminate those problems, we can experience significant improvement. 

A negative impact of poor reliability is we spend too much time focusing on chase-up – in essence, making sure people do what they are supposed to do when they are supposed to do it. Chase up takes away from other important tasks, but unfortunately, too many people think chase up is there job. Unfortunately, that’s not true.  Of course, some follow up is always good, but when that number starts to exceed 50 percent or more there is a major problem. This webinar addresses that issue.

Learning Objectives
  • Use tools that will produce immediate results
  • Develop a culture that stomps out waste
  • Create a value-based mentality that’s focused not only on finishing the project, but delivering the best result
  • Avoid missed schedules by substantially reducing the causes of schedule delays

Who Will Benefit
  • Senior Management Personnel 
  • Operations Personnel
  • Crew Chiefs 
  • Superintendents 
  • Project Managers 
  • Operational Vice Presidents
Speakers Profile
Ted Garrison

Ted Garrison, CSP, has 25 years management experience constructing 10 million square feet of commercial buildings. Since 1996, Ted has served the construction industry as a consultant, author & speaker on construction management topics.

In addition to his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Bachelor of Arts degrees from Rutgers University, he has practical experience working in framing, trim, and survey crews. However, most of his experience has been working with general contractors and developers in project man¬agement or senior executive positions in the development and construction of hotels, office buildings and parks, storage facilities, and public buildings. During his last construction project, he was the Director of Construction on the Pennsylvania Convention Cen¬ter in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s largest non-highway public works project in history.

He is a recognized expert on in the area of business strategy within the construction industry. In fact his book Strategies for Contractors from Sun Tzu is a required text for the graduate course on Strategic Management for Construction at Drexel University. In addition to his book Strategies for Contractors from Sun Tzu: 20 Strategies to Improve Your business from the Art of War, he has also authored Strategic Planning for Contractors – the First Building Block to Your Business Success. 

He has also completed two research grants sponsored by industry educational foundations. These two grants have resulted in two additional books: 

Strategic Thinking 

The Impact of Integrated Project Delivery on Specialty Contractors – Benefits, Risks and Opportunities

He is also the co-author of five books on sales and marketing, customer service and leadership. They include:

Celebrate Selling – the Consultative Relationship Way

Celebrated Marketing – the Secrets of Success

Celebrate Customer Service – Insider Secrets

Marketing for People Not In Marketing

Mission Impossible

He has also written the e-book:

Buyers of Construction Services Are Their Own Worst Enemy

He has also written over a hundred magazine articles and columns for numerous construction industry publications in several countries. 

As the former host of the Internet radio program, New Construction Strategies he has conducted hundreds of interviews on current industry issues with leading industry experts, academics, business leaders and political figures which have given him fresh insights into the industry’s challenges. 

As a consultant, he has worked with contractors to develop their company’s strategic plan as well as worked with others to improve the operational efficiency and market focus. The benefit of his research grants and his consulting efforts is that it keeps him in touch with what is happening in the industry – in essence, what’s working and what’s not working. This information translates into sound and practical advice for other clients and his presentation attendees.

In addition to his consulting, since 1996 he has averaged over 50 presentations/year to international audiences, including AIA, ABC, AGC, MCAA, CFMA, CMAA, DBIA, IEC, NECA, SMACNA, NFSA, World of Concrete, & others. He has conducted seminars in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Canada, Bahamas & Australia. He has been a member of ABC, AGC, and DBIA. He has earned the National Speakers Association and the Global Speaker Federations highest earned designation, that of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). This designation is earned by about 7 percent of the world’s professional speakers.

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